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The recent rise in Indian crude prices in MCX trade has been limited due to the international fall in prices. The recovery of WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil seems to be losing steam as demand concerns continue to sour the sentiment.

After bouncing back from its December 7 low at $68.79, which marked the lowest level since late June, WTI crude oil is now facing strong headwinds. The recovery is being hindered by the initial Fibonacci resistance level at $71.33, which represents 23.6% of the decline from $79.57 to $68.89. Furthermore, the market has been unable to register a clear break higher for the second consecutive time.

WTI Outlook: Challenges Persist as Recovery Faces Resistance Amid Lingering Demand Concerns”

In the dynamic world of crude oil markets, the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is currently grappling with a complex set of challenges that are impeding its path to recovery. Despite a recent rebound from its December 7 low at $68.79, WTI’s ascent is encountering resistance, predominantly fueled by ongoing demand concerns and international price fluctuations.

1. Limited Recovery Amid Global Price Fall: The recent surge in Indian crude prices on the MCX has found itself in a delicate balance with the broader international scenario. The constraints on WTI’s upward momentum are closely linked to the prevailing downturn in global oil prices, limiting the extent of its recovery.

2. Lingering Demand Concerns Dampen Sentiment: The recovery trajectory of WTI is further complicated by lingering concerns surrounding demand. As the market navigates through uncertain economic conditions and evolving global dynamics, the sentiment remains subdued, casting shadows on the crude oil outlook.

3. Technical Hurdles and Fibonacci Resistance: Following its bounce-back from the December 7 low, WTI is now grappling with formidable headwinds, notably the Fibonacci resistance level at $71.33. This level, representing 23.6% of the decline from $79.57 to $68.89, has emerged as a crucial point of contention for the crude oil market. The failure to breach this level indicates a potential struggle to establish a sustained upward momentum.

4. Struggling to Break Higher: Despite attempts at recovery, the WTI market has faced setbacks in achieving a clear breakout for the second consecutive time. This struggle to register a definitive upward trend underscores the prevailing uncertainties and challenges faced by WTI in the current market scenario.

As WTI contends with resistance levels and demand uncertainties, the path to recovery appears to be a nuanced and challenging one. The intricate interplay of international price dynamics, lingering demand concerns, and technical hurdles underscore the need for a cautious approach in assessing the future trajectory of WTI crude oil. Market participants and observers will closely monitor these developments, recognizing the significance of overcoming obstacles for a sustained recovery in the WTI market.

As a result, the recovery in WTI crude oil prices is expected to be limited in the near term. Traders and investors will closely monitor the developments in global demand, vaccination efforts, and geopolitical tensions to gauge the direction of oil prices.

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