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Latest Updates and Investment Insights

By earn Feb 6, 2024
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Safeguarding Financial Health: Latest Updates and Investment Insights

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of finance and investments, staying informed is crucial. This blog post delves into recent updates, potential investment opportunities, and essential financial terms.

1. RBI Alerts on KYC Scams: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issues a cautionary advisory regarding fraudulent calls and messages soliciting personal account details for KYC updates. Individuals are urged to report suspicious activities to the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal to safeguard their financial information.

2. Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) Redemption: Investors holding SGB 2016-I, issued in 2016, are notified of the redemption date set for 8th February 2024. The redemption price is established at Rs 6,271 per unit, reflecting a substantial 101% increase from the issue price.

3. Government Dividends Projection: Vivek Joshi, India’s financial services secretary, estimates that the Indian government is poised to receive $1.8 billion in dividends from state banks during the Financial Year 2025, demonstrating an 8.7% growth compared to FY24.

Stocks in the News:

  1. HDFC Bank: Receives RBI approval to acquire up to 9.50% aggregate holding in six banks, including Yes Bank, IndusInd Bank, and ICICI Bank.
  2. L&T: Secures a significant order for constructing a bridge over the Brahmaputra River in Assam.
  3. Zee Entertainment: NCLT agrees to review the petition regarding the recently terminated merger with Sony Group’s Indian subsidiary.
  4. LIC: Introduces a new individual life insurance plan named Index Plus.
  5. Indian Oil: Anticipates a 4.5-5% rise in gasoline sales for Financial Year 2025.
  6. SpiceJet: Announces new flight routes connecting Jabalpur with Delhi and Mumbai starting March.
  7. JK Tyre: Declares an interim dividend of Rs 1 per share.

IPO Corner:


  • Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels: Subscribed 5.82 times, with retail subscriptions at 13.14 times. Open for subscription until 7th Feb.

Upcoming IPOs (Opening on 7th Feb):

  1. Capital Small Finance Bank: Price band: Rs 445 to Rs 468, Issue size: Rs 523 crore.
  2. Jana Small Finance Bank: Price band: Rs 393 to Rs 414, Issue size: Rs 570 crore.
  3. Rashi Peripherals: Price band: Rs 295 to Rs 311, Issue size: Rs 600 crore.

Listing Premium:

  • BLS E-Services: Records a listing premium of 125.93%.

Word of the Day: AUM (Assets Under Management): AUM represents the total value of assets managed by financial institutions, such as mutual funds, on behalf of their customers. This includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more. AUM serves as an indicator of a company’s ability to attract and retain investors.

6-Day Course: Important Ratios in Choosing Stocks: Day 2: Dividend Yield: Exploring the concept of dividend yield, which compares the total dividend given by a share in a year to the current share price. Investors can utilize this ratio to assess the current and personalized dividend yield based on their buying price.

Featured Question: What is T+1 Settlement? Understanding T+1 settlement in the context of share market transactions. Similar to online purchases, where you pay today and receive the product later, T+1 settlement implies that when buying shares, the transaction completes the next working day (T+1), ensuring a swift transfer to the demat account.

In a dynamic financial environment, staying informed is key to making sound investment decisions. These updates provide a glimpse into the current financial landscape, empowering investors to navigate the market


The new UN report highlights a surge in multinational companies choosing India as their manufacturing base. This growing interest strengthens India's position as a reliable and attractive destination for global investment
Iran-Israel Tension: Iran has fired hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel in response to a suspected Israeli airstrike on its consulate in Damascus on April 1. India is a net oil importer, so any increase in prices directly increases the country's fiscal deficit and inflation. An increase in tensions could lead to panic selling and volatility in global equity markets
US Economic Data

• CPI (YoY) (Mar): Actual 3.5% Forecast 3.4% Previous 3.2%

• CPI (MoM) (Mar): Actual 0.4% Forecast 0.3% Previous 0.4%

• Core CPI (YoY) (Mar): Actual 3.8% Forecast 3.7% Previous 3.8%

• Core CPI (MoM) (Mar): Actual 0.4% Forecast 0.3% Previous 0.4%
MFData | March SIP inflows at ₹19,271 Cr vs ₹19,187 Cr (MoM)

Alert: March #SIP inflows at record high, above ₹19,000 cr for 2nd straight month
Global Indices 
GIFT Nifty: 22822 +63
Hangseng: 16965 +137
Dow: 38883 -9
S&P 500: 5209 +8
Nasdaq: 16307 +52
USD / INR: 83.21
Brent Crude: 89.42
GOLD: 2365.40
FII Net (09-04-2024): -593 
DII Net (09-04-2024): +2257
FII-DII Activity | 


Apr 2024: -5,113.63 Rs. Cr

Mar 2024: +3,314.47 Rs. Cr

Feb 2024: -15,962.72 Rs. Cr

Jan 2024: -35,977.81 Rs. Cr

Dec 2023: +31,959.78 Rs. Cr

Nov 2023: +3,875.83 Rs. Cr

Oct 2023: -30,827.20 Rs. Cr

Sep 2023: -26,692.16 Rs. Cr

Aug 2023: -20,620.65 Rs. Cr

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