India Aims to Attract 500,000 Foreign Students by 2047, Says Niti Aayog CEO

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India Aims to Attract 500,000 Foreign Students by 2047, Says Niti Aayog CEO

During the 18th FICCI Higher Education Summit, Niti Aayog CEO BVR Subrahmanyam announced India’s ambitious goal of enrolling half a million foreign students by the year 2047. Addressing the summit, he emphasized the need for India to evolve into a global education hub, focusing on enhancing quality, brand value, and global rankings.

As part of Niti Aayog’s vision document for 2047, education plays a pivotal role, and the target of attracting 500,000 foreign students underscores India’s commitment to becoming a preferred destination for international education. Subrahmanyam stressed the importance of leveraging technology, stating that the higher education sector is on the brink of transformation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing a central role.

He highlighted the imperative for universities to embrace AI extensively to remain relevant and competitive in the evolving landscape of higher education. The Niti Aayog CEO pointed out that technology is poised to “blow up” the sector, signifying the disruptive potential that innovative technologies hold.

In line with the vision for 2047, Subrahmanyam advocated for the creation of more education cities in India. He called upon the private sector to play a crucial role in expanding the higher education ecosystem, encouraging the attraction of more international students to India. The focus on quality improvement, building a strong brand identity, and global recognition through improved rankings reflects India’s strategic approach to position itself as a leading global provider of education in the coming decades.

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